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Advisory: Apple releases patches for iPhone and iPad ‘zero-day’ vulnerability 

On 24 October 2022, Apple released security updates for iPhones, iPads, Safari, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS. 

Owners of Apple these devices are advised to make sure their devices are up to date, however, iPhones and iPads are strongly advised to update their device as soon as possible to prevent unauthorised access by cyber-criminals. 

The updates for iPhones and iPads include patches for a new vulnerability that is currently being exploited by hackers.  This ‘zero-day’ vulnerability, CVE-2022-42827, could allow an attacker the ability to carry out commands on an iPhone or iPad that could include executing malicious code or corrupting sensitive data. 

To check whether your device has the latest patches, please read the following guidance:

  • iPhone or iPad: access the ‘General’ section of the Device Settings and select ‘Software Update’. 
  • macOS – from the Apple menu, access the ‘System Settings’, select ‘General’ in the sidebar, and then select ‘Software Update’. 
  • tvOS – open ‘Settings’ on your Apple TV and access ‘System’ and then ‘Software Updates’ and select ‘Update Software’. If an update is available there will be an option to begin a download.
  • watchOS - open the Apple Watch app; tap the ‘My Watch’ tab, tap ‘General’ and select ‘Software Update’. 

For further information about the updates, please visit Apple’s security update webpage at and Apple’s support. 

If the security update is not available for your iPhone because it is an older model, please visit our ‘Advice and Guidance’ page for guidance on how to improve your phone’s security,


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