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Going online has made it easier than ever to keep in touch with family and friends. Online banking and shopping has been invaluable recently when it's not always easy to get out.

However, it’s also the perfect place for people to take advantage of the anonymity that a computer screen offers. Most know that young teenagers are the ideal target for predators, but few think about online safety for older people.

Online scams are becoming increasingly sophisticated and many people are caught out - even those who are regular internet users.

Every year in the UK, millions of people lose money to scammers or unknowingly share their personal information.

Please take a look at our short video below for some quick tips about staying safe online. We also have a booklet which goes into more detail about online threats and safety tips which can be downloaded from the downloadable documents section below the video.



This page was last reviewed 25/06/2023

Downloadable documents

Carer's Guide - Online Safety for Older People (PDF)